Stretching and mobility

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What will you get from stretching and mobility exercises?

You will:

  • Gain deeper awareness of your inner well-being
  • Learn the difference between active and passive stretching
  • Experience relief in areas where you feel tightness and/or soreness
  • Gain improvement in joint mobility
  • Improve on your flexibility
  • Work on your posture and learn to self-correct it
  • Be rewarded with soft and soothing moments of self- relaxation
  • Enjoy breathing mindfully and stretching deeply

All exercises will be adapted to meet your respective needs.

Depending on your capacity, they can take place on a mat, seated on a chair or standing.

Additionally, I always start and end with a mini relaxation routine like a short meditation to encourage you to calm down and focus on yourself.

For dancers, I offer a special stretching session to work on their flexibility and  personal needs.

I’d suggest  a 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour long session depending on your personal and/or professional goals.

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