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I teach Pilates, Stretching, and offer Guided Meditations Sessions online for all levels. Originally from France, I am currently based in Australia to perfect my English.

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About me

Hi, I’m Allison and I am French. I teach Pilates, Stretching, and offer Guided Meditations Sessions online. I have an upper-intermediate level in English. In France, I worked as a jazz and contemporary dance teacher for 10 years. In 2016, I founded my own non-profit dance school organization called CA’Danse à Martillac. I ran it for 6 years while supervising  a team of 5 teachers, volunteers, and 180 students. It was a memorable adventure! I also conducted Pilates and stretching lessons for 5 years at my own private centre. I taught small groups and held private sessions for individuals. I began my sessions by facilitating a short guided meditation. This helped my clients to prepare themselves mentally as well as relax while working on their bodies. I attained my professional qualifications in France. In May 2022, I left France to pursue another lifestyle. One that allows me to travel around Australia at the moment. I am currently working as a digital nomad. This means I work online from my laptop and get to travel at the same time. I love teaching and sharing what I know. I am enjoying developing my online courses. In the feedback given by my former students, I am known for placing importance on the quality of care I’d like my clients to experience. I listen attentively  to the needs of my clients and adapt the sessions accordingly. Empowering my clients matters to me. If you are keen to work on meeting  your personal health and wellness goals, let’s chat. Cheers, Allison