Guided meditation

What will you get from guided meditation  sessions ?

You will:

  • Learn to focus your energies on your inner peace
  • Clear your mind
  • Learn how to breathe using  images, visualizations, physical sensations or sounds as cues to relax
  • Learn to connect yourself to the present moment
  • Feel uplifted
  • Feel completely relaxed

You can practice lying down on a mat, a bed or ground yourself in a seated  position on the floor or on a chair.

I suggest you create a relaxing atmosphere in your room to experience the full benefits of this  session. 

Feel free to use a blanket, a pillow and essential oil of your choice. You are welcome to  inhale it deeply at the beginning of the session as it will help you to relax your mind and your body.

After each guided meditation, I suggest to you to write 1 to 3 personal positive affirmations on a paper and repeat them out aloud for yourself.

You will feel the benefits during and at the end of the session.

Guided meditations can be as short as a few minutes or as long as several hours.